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How long is the game?

About how many hours is this game and I mean including doing activities


Terr3ll answered:

It could take a couple days.
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jh12gauge answered:

I've spent 40 hours so far. I did the gangs one per day ( kinda addicting) then the activities. I've got one Septic Avenger left and half of a Heli Attack, plus about three quarters of the races. And I've got a few diversions plus most of the Chop Shops to do since my game froze and didn't autosave when I finished them. Then there's the multiplayer, co-op, achievements and general messing about afterwards, experimenting with custom characters and clothing, getting stunts, tags and CDs.

Basically you could be kept busy for a loooong time. Worth the money!
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ZeldasSage915 answered:

The "story mode" (where you do all strongholds/missions) took me up to about 16-20 hours. By the end of that, I was around 65 % finished with the game. (While doing story mode you need to earn respect, so therefore you'll probably do some activities and complete them.) The rest of it just takes collecting CDs, tagging, stunts, clothing, and other unfinished activities, which would probably take a few more hours to do.
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AbiMurnu answered:

If you want all the achievements then it will last for a minimum of 50 hours as there is an achievement for 50 hours total - solo and co-op - gameplay.
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KLCCamel answered:

To cut the game time a little, make sure to wipe out the rival gangs (except Ultor, if you want the achievement award for 100% completion), THEN run around and get the tagging done. You only have to worry about GI Joe and his new orange jumpsuit! Currently, I'm down to the final Ultor mision, regarding the story part, but I'm a completionist... finally have to get up and finish the barnstorming and the stunt jumps... (80?!)
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