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What is barnstorming?

I am confused about that

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Mastiff answered:

Barnstorming is taking an aircraft and flying fast and low. In SR2, barnstorming is almost always fast and low under an obstacle such as a canopy or overpass, or through a tunnel.
They are hidden locations in that they don't show up on the map. If you are flying low and fast at the right place, you will see barnstorming diversion stars begin to accumulate. If you succeed going far enough without crashing, you will discover a barnstorming location, and a message will pop up like a stunt jump.
You do not need three gold stars to successfully barnstorm.
They can be done in helicopters as well as planes.
If you touch the ground, you will fail the attempt. If you go too slowly, you will fail.
For many locations, you must continue to fly low and fast for a while after clearing the obstacle in order to trigger the success.
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