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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat (Veteran Child)?

I'm really stuck, I don't know how to pick up those things that the arrow points looks like mini bombs.

I'm frustrated and I want my Shandi :(

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From: Tejan55 6 years ago

Ok run over to where the arrow is pointing then hide behind a pillar. Hold the button to to select weapons and and just left of the fist should be the flashbang. Choose the flashbang and throw it near his feet, then rush him and hit him with whatever weapon you want. (I used the shotgun.) Then repeat this until he's done.

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Use the flash grenades that are on the ground.

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You pick up the flash grenades like you pick up any other weapon. When you get them, toss one towards veteran child and look away. When it goes off take out a gun and shoot him. The fight will take you about 10 minutes depending on what gun you use.

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Use the flashbangs to throw at Veteran Child. Make sure to stand clear. When they go off, VC should be away from Shandi. Use this time to shoot at him. Be quick, though; cronies show up at a faster rate.

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if you already have a throwable weapon (i.e. satchel charges, grenades, molotovs, etc), stand over the flashbang and hold A. This will swap whatever throwable weapon you had with the flashbang.

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Those are flashbangs, hold A to swap them if you already have a "throw" weapon.
All you have to do next is throw a flashbang and wait for it to explode. Then while VC is stunned, blast him with a SMG or machine gun until he dies.

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Run over to the "bombs" and hold A to pick them up then hide behind a pillar until you feel you're ready to take him on. I suggest you use LT to roll the flashbang towards him and then run away, switching to assault rifle as you go. If all goes well, he'll release Shaundi and you'll have a few seconds to shoot him. The assault rifle is great for this. Especially if you've unlocked the gun with the grenade add-on as you can use this if he ended up really far away from Shaundi after the explosion. It should only take two flashbangs if you manage to start shooting from the second he lets go. Three at most.

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More advice: Use a shotgun, it will go faster.

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