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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you unlock the champs?

I can not figure out how to get the champs unlocked?

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From: Antireversil 6 years ago

Once you've beaten the city champ,there's a certain amount of wins you need with each vehicle type.

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actually once you get the amount of wins (80 with a tuner for example) the champ will challenge you. I think its like 60 wins with muscle car, 35 with motorcycle... dont remember any more.

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You need about 37 wins for each vehicle that you use for that certain class. The champs will then call you.

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For the muscle champ i had 45 wins and for tuner 75

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you have to win 40 races in each type of vehicle , on top of whatever number of wins you had in that type of vehicle once you reached A-class.

e.g. If you had no bike wins by the time you reached A-class the champ would call you out when you got to 40 bike wins total.

If you had 75 bike wins When A-class unlocked he wouldn't call you until bike win total reached 115.

Same for each of the other four vehicle types.

I may be wrong about the figure of 40 (99% sure thou', just can't remember as did it a while ago) but the method is definitely correct.

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Sorry but dr_kan is wrong. Immediatly after the chanp i had 32 bike wins and as so as i got to 35 i was done and i immediatly got exotic and luxury due to the fact that i had about 80 for the luxury and 250 for the exotic.

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