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How do u unlock the 3rd set of engine upgrades?

I lost a race and lost my Chevy Camero Concept (Dub Edition) then I went and bought a Lamborghini Miura SV and lost that, All I have is a Dodge Charger SRT-B , I want to get back the cars I Lost but I would like to upgrade the Charger first. When do I get the 3rd set of engine upgrades?

Kingy1122 asked for clarification:

You must get your rep up to full i belive.. thats how i did it..

Tigg21004 provided additional details:

I figureed it out, By the time I got past Champion to Savant I had unlocked it

Accepted Answer

Project_Six answered:

26160 Rep is required if you want the "3rd" set of engine upgrades for your Dodge Charger SRT-B. I recommend racing with motorcycles. Motorcycles are cheap and they are the fastest vehicles in the game. You also can't SST while trailing/following a motorcycle.
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Micro3 answered:

Depends on what group it is.
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dr_kan_abyss answered:

Tjhere isn't a 3rd set of upgrades. Only what you start with, then level 1 & level 2
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ATOMIC_GANON180 answered:

You must keep on getting rep i think you have to get the champion rep and race a few more races then they will be unlocked i recommend easy freeway races to get some money and rep for it.
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stoonky answered:

Race with the same car a lot but not on live live is only for body not performance.
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stoonky answered:

Race with the same car for a really long time not in live thoug live only gets body
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