Question from xDTSxBERLIN

When do I unlock group 4 cars?

Another source told me I needed to be the rank Champion and I would unlock them and I am but It won't unlock it. Any help?


woahxxthatsDOP3 answered:

You unlock group 4 when you get 20000 rep.
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IM_A_BEAST12357 answered:

You get it when you reach 17500 rep dont listen to that other guy because hes wrong
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tyler1217 answered:

IM_A_BEAST is right;i literally just got a little over 17500 rep and unlocked group 4 vehicles.
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1XzGozmitzX1 answered:

Now hold on, im at like 18000 and i dont have em.
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Rockstar_Suppor answered:

I am Rockstar Support. I see you are having trouble with unlocking grouo 4 cars? Answer is, you must race arcade or single player cruise. Arcade recommended. The rep needed is 20,000 or more. This rank is a little over idol-last rank. People are saying its 17,500. Thats wrong. There was a change to it. Thank you for your time.
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Rockstar_Suppor answered:

After the race it should say "Unlocked Group 4 Vehicles" With a checkmark by it. This will allow you to purchase group 4 cars off the garage or rate my ride.
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