Question from xhuntx93

How do I unlock the tuner champ?

I beat all the others but this one won't send me a message.I dont know how to do it,ive beaten all the other missions.

xhuntx93 provided additional details:

I unlocked the widebody,how many races is that?and yes im at the highest rep


ATOMIC_GANON180 answered:

Are you the highst rep you can go? If not get to the highest.
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Crockeo answered:

I am almost positive you need to win 35 races in a tuner? Or maybe 75, it's one of those two.
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duckandshoot answered:

It took me a long time to get to the tuner champ. I had the highest rep for a long time and was still un-challenged. After what felt like a day of freeway races, I was finally challenged. Just keep racing and you'll get it eventually.
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dragoons420 answered:

To unlock the widebody you need 40 wins in that type of car, i.e. tuner, muscle, luxery, exoctic. As for the tuner champ, keep winning races until you get the call.
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TxCatfish answered:

How do i unlock the motorcycle champ?
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YungstUnna224 answered:

If You Want Them To Call You For the Tuner champ Its 75 wins Do Redlight Races and When You Finish Do Race Back and Find Others Like that Until You Get 75 wins Or Do Highway Races
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Supergamer_21 answered:

From what i've heard,you have to win 35 or 75 races in a tuner.I don't know if it has to be with the same one or if it can be with multiple ones,but just keep going until they send u a message to challenge them.I don't know the number of races u have to win and if it has to be with one or any number of tuners because i really don't keep track of the # of races i win & i haven't gotten to the point where the quickest way(if there is one)would have unlocked them.
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