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What is the fastest way to get a lot of money?

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From: DreadedZer0 6 years ago

Deliveries or Payback, whichever you find easier. When you unlock the level 3-4 vehicles, you get around 5-6K each on easy. Even so, for the relativley quick amount of time, it\'s still easier than most races. Delivery\'s quicker than payback, but that\'s because i\'m not that agressiver driver...

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Get a decent car and hop on the freeway!

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Definatly free way races on a sports bike.

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Practice on a short race; add to your favorites (Sunset and Vine is mine) and when you get a phone race request where you decide where to race, choose this race and put it on hard or hardest and time of day at noon. Then just race and race again, and again etc. until the sun sets (if your opponent is on a bike, don't even touch him, as the cops will end your race agains) even if you lose you receive loads of money and respect on hardest setting for a 2 minute race. I won over $100,000 on one of these 'repeat race' series and it took maybe 30 minutes.

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