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How do you buy the garage?

How do you buy the garage after you've reached $1,000,000??

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restlessmatt answered:

If it doesnt come up just save your game and restart, that was the problem I had, but after a restart it comes right up.
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ender379 answered:

Karol will call you on your sidekick. To trigger this, i go to the garage, and exit. It usually comes up. It worked fine for me.
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HunterJony answered:

You need to beat the city champion, and karol will call you to say if you reached $1,000,000 he will sell the garages to you.
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vtec30cl answered:

i think you might have to complete the payback missions. I got the phone call to meet him but the hotel was not an available target. After completing the payback missions it showed up.
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