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Harmless? Achievement help

The description states that I need to disable 5 droidikas with R2-D2. I've disabled about a battalion of them by now trying to unlock this achievement. Can anyone help?

crimson2knight provided additional details:

I did that. To even be safe. I've zapped a droidika with all 3 astromech at least 5 times each. I've made sure no cheats were used.
I was wondering to myself before if I'm zapping the wrong droid because of the spelling.
The description spell it droidikas while the droid's name is droideka. O.o

Accepted Answer

MiRSol111 answered:

First make sure its R2-D2 and not the other droids. then make sure you buy the droidekas from the shop. have player 1 be R2 and player 2 be the droideka. go into level 1 (or any level) make sure no cheats are on. the use R2 to zap him 5 times.
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