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What's the wood chipper for?

The thing weighs 50 lb. worth half as much, and you can't use it with the Rock-it Launcher.

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itwizz answered:

It was originally going to be part of the Rock-It Launcher. See here for more information:
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sgttaters answered:

I think it could have been originally planned as a part of a custom weapon like the leaf blow and vacuum cleaner that never got in the final game. Or it could be for add ambience or something like that.
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bcorfman21 answered:

I put it in my house, i have a pretty large collection of junk i thought deserved my attention over the span of the game. i created a sword rack out of my little tricycle. a sculpture of modern art made entirely out of garden gnomes. it may not have a practacal use but nothing says freetime like a bed of empty syringes.
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