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Where are my level 20 perks?

Got level 19. Used the here and now perk. Got bumped up to level 20, but I didnt have access to the level 20 perks. So I started playing and realized I wasnt get any xp for my kills. Now it says my xp is maxed, and the level progress bar is not advancing. Am I not able to get the level 20 perks or what?

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azalraku answered:

I'm afraid there's no lv20 perk for you. there are certain parts in the game that sort of dupe the player, and sometimes "here and now" glitches. :(
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les777 answered:

Well I'd suggest, don't take "Here and Now". It's a waste of a perk. Just take a perk you can get any benefit on lvl 19. There many different perks that actually give you something usefull. I would say the same about the perk that gives you bonus experince. Don't rush this game. But it's only a suggestion. Play how you like:)
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o0KHeaven0o answered:

That sucks bro.
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