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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the Regulator HQ?

Can anyone tell me the location of the Regulator HQ, they're annoying me so I feel like wasting the lot of them and levelling up a bunch in the process. Thanks

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From: nonloser 6 years ago

it is east of Canterbury Commons, southeast of the minefield, and north of Wheaton Armory

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They are a little bit northeast for the scrapyard. and no you can not get in their without the gunslinger perk.

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Actually, that's the lawbringer perk, not gunslinger.

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Oh oops i got them mixed up. thanks

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If its leveling up you need help with, the Lawbringer perk brings in lots of XP, caps, and positive Karma. It also automatically marks the Regulator HQ on your map.

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Right over there!

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The legend of Sypro Dawn of the Dragon. How do I keep the doors closed at the dragon palace

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