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Where are and how do i get the houses in the game
i know the one in megaton but not the other ones, I also know the one in tempenny tower but i dont want to explode megaton?

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Save Megaton get the house there, Nuke it get a room in tempenny tower!

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Is that even possible to re nuke it?

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You can also use the room in Tempenny tower as a storage room but you can't upgrade it. If you don't blow up Megaton. Go through Tempenny's suite door to the balcony and around to the empty suite room.

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There is only 2 houses in the capital wasteland. One is in megaton and you need to DEFUSE the bomb to get it (upgrades can be purchased at craterside supply and is good karma path) The other is in tenpenny tower which to get you need to BLOW UP MEGATON to get (you buy upgrades from mister burke for this house and is the bad karma path).

IMO megaton is better. it is quiker to get to (you need to zone less times) and it is more central

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