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What is the best strategy for healing?

Before I left vault 101, during a fight with guards i was given the message outnumbered and unable to run. After killing the guards and healing myself with stimpacks I'm still moving really slowly. Went to the doctor in Megaton, paid him 50 caps and im still moving slow! Any ideas?

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zargonan answered:

you are "OVERENCUMBERED"(or however you spell it.) which means you're carrying too much stuff you need to drop, repair, sell, etc. some things.
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itwizz answered:

Your Over Encumbered which means you're carrying too much stuff so dump your excess items at your Megaton/Tennpenny home or you can sell them. The current Maximum you can carry is listed at the top of the Items screen (I can't remember exactly where it is).
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JET0127 answered:

you are overencumbered, open your pip boy, go to item screen. on the top screen WG xx/xxx where xx is the number of weight you are carrying and xxx is your weight limit, so if xx exceeds xxx you will move slowly no matter what your status is. drop,repair, or sell some itwms to avoid being overencumbered.
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guitargamer18 answered:

Buy plent of stimpaks and when you level up theres a perk that you can get that does 25% more healing power.
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