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Where can i find the enclave?

I've looked all over fallout 3 and i can't find the enclave, where are they?

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Mistapeepers answered:

You activate their appearances during the main quest. Also, their base (Raven Rock) is in the extreme northwest corner of the map.
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varius97531 answered:

At which point you may start asking where arnt the enclave. had some air dropped in front of me that was pretty cool.
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wurbytictoc answered:

Yeah after you've been to Raven Rock in the main quest, the Enclave become almost as common as raiders. It's a good thing if you like Tesla armor and plasma weapons. =)
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Tenpenny12 answered:

ok this is very simple the enclave are every were u just have to no were to look and i have been every wher because ive played the game for a week straight. The Enclave base called raven rock is found in northwest corner vof the map also if ur wandering around grid 4 looking for little lamp light ull find a recon team of enclave soldiers but like he said just complete the main quest u first see them after waters of life when u get kidnapped by them oh and im an enclave soldier in the game and dont mess with them their good.
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D_A_R_KPaladin answered:

I found one Enclave camp just outside of Canterbury Commons to the west. The camp was in the middle of a four way intersection
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xboxless13 answered:

I think they appear after The Waters of Life quest and after your escape from Raven Rock.
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Grandstream answered:

Their base of operations is at Raven Rock, which is the northwestern most location on the Wasteland map. It is inaccessible outside of the Main Quest. And once you get there, get everything you can (including the Bobblehead in Colonel Autumn's room) because once you leave, the base will lock up and be impossible to get back into. Of course once you trigger their appearances in the game, they will show up at predetermined locations.
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Ted_Ninja answered:

Are you looking for the Enclave base? North west corner of the map. Never been there before without doing the story quest so you may have to try that first. If you chose to destroy their base then they start appearing all over the wasteland in small camps and air lifts.
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