Question from nomorepain4u

Which is the best dlc for fallout 3?

I want to know which is the best dlc and which to play first?


Tediz52398 answered:

Really depends on what you want. If your a stealth person than Operation : Anchorage has some goodies for you. If you like a gritty Escape from New York parody than go for The Pitt. Maybe you don't want the game to end and want 10 more levels than Broken Steel is for you. Want that creapy felling, than Point Lookout is creapy. And last but not least if you want that technological feeling than Mothership Zeta is there. I like all the DLC so far so I won't say anything is better than the other, but I liked Anchorages item the most so far, also I only have the first 3 but my friend had Point Lookout and played through Zeta and said it was fun. But wait for the patches on Lookout and Zeta, also the Game of the Year edition is releasing this year if you haven't bought any DLC yet. The choice is yours.
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itwizz answered:

Please repost this here: as it is a discussion and not a specific Fallout 3 problem.
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Buster77FA3 answered:

No he it is a question? Read his informaiton? "I want to know which is the best dlc and which to play first?"

Anyways, its most likley Broken Steel.
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ristar1337 answered:

Each are unique in their own ways.But Broken steel might be your best bet since the game will never end.
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ConnorTheOtter answered:

Broken Steel.
It Raises Your Level Cap By Ten.
Higher Level Cap = Good.
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kyler9437 answered:

Either Broken steel or Operation because steel raises your level by 10 and operation you can get early power armor training and the unbreakable power armor with a butch of goodies.
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