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Crashed UFO?

There is a crashed UFO around EverGreen Mills and I was just wondering, does it have anything to do with the story? And also I read that the Vaults are not really to save people but to experiment on them. Is this true, and if it is what was Vault 101 testing? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I just realized my mistake thanks to FishyStick. Its not Ever Green Mills but Greener Pastures Disposal Site that the UFO is near.

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From: Fatz8707 5 years ago

The UFO is part of the game. It's meant for the downloadable content (DLC) 'Mothership Zeta'. After you download it, your pipboy picks up a broadcast. (Just like the all the other DLC.) You go to it and get abducted, and the fun on board the alien ship commences. Before you have the DLC, the UFO jus tserves as a place to pick up a good energy pistol. The only ammo for it is by the weapon and on the alien ship once you download the DLC 'Mother ship Zeta'. Hope this answers your question.

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There is no UFO near Evergreen Mills, but there is one relatively close to Old Olney. This UFO is used to initiate the Mothership Zeta DLC, but even if you don't have that it has a Alien Blaster along with a number of rounds for it.

As for the Vaults. Most of them were experiments conducted by the Enclave to determine how humanity would survive after a nuclear holocaust, if they did at all. A handful did what they were advertised to do, keeping a select number of people safe from the horrors of a nuclear wasteland. But most subjected the inhabitants of the Vaults to cruel experiments, such as failing food supplies or Vaults populated with Christian, Muslims, and Jews.

Vault 101's experiment was to find out how an enclosed population would react with no hope of ever leaving the Vault.

All the information on it can be found here:

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Vault 101 was a testing lab. It was a vault that was designed to never open.

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