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How do I prevent the caravan's from breaking?

How do I play through the game without the caravan's breaking?

I understand that they are vulnerable to getting killed by other in game creatures; but what about the occurence of the guard, the brahmin, or even the trader himself getting stuck or disconnected from the caravan?

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Edit: Actually, nix that last bit. I'm fairly sure fast travel is safe.

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Essrog answered:

By never saving outside.

Actually it's not the saving, but the loading that seems to screw up the caravans. If you load a savegame, and they are in your cell at the time, they break. It is safe to save outdoors if you are in a town that has it's own cell, like Megaton or Paradise Falls, but don't save in Big Town because you don't go through a door to get to it so it isn't loaded into it's own self contained cell. (Also, don't save in the guard post area in front of Paradise Falls, for example, because youre still technically outside in the world where caravans wander around).

If you care about keeping the caravans coherent, make sure you always duck into a building or a cave or a tent with its own cell to save. If you know the game well enough to be sure caravans don't come anywhere near you, it's probably safe to save outside, but it's usually pretty easy to find someplace to duck into.

Also, fast travel might have the same result. Fast traveling to places like Megaton, which deposits you right inside self contained cell, is certainly safe; but fast traveling to a point out in the main world might function the same as loading a save game there.
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Stormraven40 answered:

If you are worried about the caravans getting ambushed and destroyed, all you need to do is reverse-pickpocket good armor and weapons onto the merchants and their guards.
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