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was thinking about getting this game soon, just wondering how difficult it is? I heard its simular to Red Faction Guerilla, is that true? any talk on the game itself would be great, cheers :)


uglyman33 answered:

The Difficulty is variable.
You can pick from Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard.
Then with the addition of some DLC gives new enimies, wich can take your health down if you're not watching carefully.
Other than that, the difficulty to game is pretty damn good.
Oh, when you first start out, don't use the pistol. Trust me.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

The environment is similar to Red Faction, its an open-world, wasteland, that you can go pretty much anywhere in. Its actually more like Morrowind or Oblivion if you've played those. It has a decent post-apocalyptic storyline and a good combat system, you can either free fire like in most FPS games or enter the VATS mode that pauses the game and allows you to select which body parts you would like to shoot along with the accuracy for hitting those parts. There are several base classes of weaponrythat you can choose from but each has many unique variants, some of the classes are melee, energy, and heavy weapons, as well as small arms and explosives. You also have a set of skills you must level up in order to become more proficient in these weapon classes as well as other things to assist you in the game. The game is quite fun if you like RPG/FPS games and has many quests and side quests, and if you buy the DLCs it makes it so that the game never actually has an end.
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itwizz answered:

See here for more information:
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peicurler91 answered:

Very Easy is ridiculously easy, while very hard is insanely hard. There are about 5 difficulty settings in the game.
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