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Asked: 5 years ago

The exact releasing date?

Hello everyone,I live in Indonesia.And I played this game on Xbox 360 console.I've finished the first episode of Fallout 3,and now I want to play the next episode,the Point Lookout/Broken Steel.I saw on one of the Indonesian forums,that it's going to be released in the form of a DVD.Is it true?and when will it be released if it's true?

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I live in america so idont really know.

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Then why the hell did you answer this question Meester Cheef. Do you really think that helps him? As for the release, just keep waiting and watching. Bethesda will announce about a month before the release.

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Your better of waiting for the Game Of The Year Edition as it has all 5 DLCs and the latest patch as of the month of release.

PS: Please repost this here: as it is a general query and not a specific FO3 Gameplay problem.

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