Question from Jacobson1275

Asked: 6 years ago

How do you use the Rock-It Launcher?

I have it made and I have junk to shot but it says I have no ammo for it so how do you load ammo?

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From: ALwaysneed_HELP 6 years ago

Hit x and an inventory screen will pop up with anything that u can shoot

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I think you fire as you wander the wastes. and u hold down the button i suppose.

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As ALways said, you equip the launcher after creating it, then hit X or whatever button you use for reloading if your on another console, and you see a window and just on the left click any crap you don't want, then when it transfers to the right, this is handy cause of two things, it's easy to get cheap ammo, and after you fire the shot from the launcher, you can look around and most likely find the ammo so if you looked around enough you could have infinite ammo.

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