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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you enslave people after the Strictly Business quest?

Or can you even do it at all?

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The same way you did Red, Flak & others..You should get a new collar eveytime you use one..

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Just keep the mezmerizor and do like you did before. Aim, fire, and put the collar on then go to the guy at paradise falls for another and your payment.

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You need to use the mesmertron to enslave people but you may also need to get a new slave collar from the guy at paradise falls otherwise after messin' em if just comes up with "damn, if i had a collar i could totally enslave you right now"

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This is the ONE THING people mess up! The person can not have a real name ( Lucas Simms, Three Dog, Elder Lyons, etc.). He/she must have an "unmarked name" (Enclave Solider, Raider, Megaton Settler, etc.) Basically, NO UNIQUE NAMES! Oh, and enslave people the same way you enslaved the quest targets.

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