Question from ZippiesDainage

So I where did my follower go? (spoilers)

just finished getting the GECK from vault 82 or whatever, got knocked out, woke up at raven rock, where is my follower, never found him in the compound or outside like the super mutant guy with the turbo laser, any help? He had some nice stuff on him.

scotty167349 asked for clarification:

To answer this we need to know which followed your looking for.

ZippiesDainage provided additional details:

The goul from underworld who I bought


scotty167349 answered:

Well since you kept calling the follower he. I will take a guess.

If its charon. He will be at the bar in underworld where you originally got him. he will just be sitting at a table.

If its jerico. He will be in the bar in megaton. Moriotys(sp) bar.

If its dogmeat. he will be outside the door of vault 101.

and those are all the he's that you could of gotten at that point.
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scotty167349 answered:

oops sorry for the double post. And that would of been charon. He will be in underworld at the bar where you originally got him. sitting at the table.
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greg589 answered:

Fawkes will be at Underworld too. All the followers go back to where you first recruited them, except for Dogmeat who's at vault 101.
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chrisyg103 answered:

If you mean you can't find, you might have a glitch so that your current follower has disapeared. this has happened to me, told Charon to wait at my house, ater the mission he wasn't there, or at the bar. He's not dead and never got message saying he's back at Underworld. He's just gone like Houdini (not like his disapearing act, like when he died and they burried him)
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Deathray036 answered:

You should have fired your follower before you get the G.E.C.K from Fawkes. that way when you leave Raven Rock,you can go back to wherever you got them and sign them up.
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