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Asked: 5 years ago

.Can you download dlc for free?

Can you like download broken steel for free without using cash

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From: BRANTLY_75 5 years ago

No, simple as that. But you can download videos for free.

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There Is A Way To Obtain The DLC For Free.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BUY THE GOTY EDITION ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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You dont use cash anyway, you have to buy it with points.

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Points require CASH!! DUHHH!!!!

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There not free,but you can buy disks instead of downloading.That's what I did get The Pitt and Operation:Anchorage,which is one disk.Also,Broken Steal and Point Lookout are another two pack.Mother Ship Zeta is on its own and I think you must download it.

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Well I find a website to download free fallout 3 dlc. but it only for pc.. sorry dude

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If you've got it on 360 you could borrow the disk, you don't need it after it has installed. Failing that, buy it then return it

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there is a way to play the content for free but it is not considered legal...

for this you need the transfer cable so you can connect the HDD to a pc.
then you need xplorer360 so you can view and transfer files
then go here and download the packs you need:-

the files go in this folder on the 360 HDD:-
partition 3. 0000000000000000/425307D5/00000002

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