Question from Scatlocke91

Has anyone else had their weapons repair when left in their house?

This happened to me a few times at the Megaton house after I had been gone and leveled up. This is my first character so I do not know if it was normal or some kind of glitch. I have good karma.

tgrady247 asked for clarification:

Now was this happening to a specific weapon? Or did this happen to multiple items, as there are a few items in the games that have a strange repair glitch when left out for exstended periods of time.

Scatlocke91 provided additional details:

Every weapon left out on shelves and such repaired (not sure about lockers) none of the armor repaired that I can remember.


BattleSword1 answered:

Weapons and armor are automatically repaired when a new DLC episode is downloaded. In this case, I have also seen various items disappear for no apparent reason.
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