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Game of the year edition?

Hey, i needed to ask if the game of the year edition is worth the extra price. I also need to know if i can play the addons that the game of the year edition has, like The Pitt, and Broken Steel, and whatever else there is, without an online modem thing.

Crae_z provided additional details:

Yeah, but they can be played without an online modem, right?

Crae_z provided additional details:

Are you totally sure about that?


mistychan answered:

I dont know anything about the game of the year edition but i can tell you that i have the normal edition for Xbox 360, I bought the box versions of broken steel/ point lookout and the pitt/ operation: anchorage and they work just fine with my copy of Fallout 3. i'm not sure if that awnsers your question or not but i hope i was of atleast alittle help.
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itwizz answered:

NO Xbox live connection is required to use the GOTY Edition.
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peicurler91 answered:

5 DLC quests, at the price you buy it now it's definitely worth it. Just make sure you have an internet connection and a hard drive.
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