Question from pwines14

How do you get the alien into your megaton house?

There is a crashed alien ship and my friend supposedly carried it to megaton and got it in his house to sit in his chair.

pwines14 provided additional details:

My friend has actually gotten the alien inside his megaton house and set it in a chair so it is possible to get it inside. that i know for sure.

joetenac asked for clarification:

Have you actually scene this or has he just told you that he has the alien in his house. It sounds fishy. He may be lying.


diablo5843 answered:

You can drag the alien from it's ship to megaton but it's a long, long, LONG walk back and as far as i know you can't take the alien or any other dead creature through fast travel or any door that needs to load the next area so you could keep it outside the megaton main gate but not take it in.
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shadow097654 answered:

You shouldnt be able to. The furthest you could get it is to the megaton gates. This game is also full of glitches so maybe your friend got really lucky. I also had the same idea. Now he sits next to the megaton gates in my game. But ask your friend how exactly he got it in.
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