Question from TEI90

Can i get inside the archives in the enclave base raven rock??

Just wondering

AkaMistaB asked for clarification:

Are you talking about the are where the bobble head is?

TEI90 provided additional details:

No not at all AkaMistaB i have found the bobblehead inside Col. Autum`s office.
And xNightCrestx
the archives is in the last part of the raven rock were after u have talked with president Eden right after u left Eden. There is a door on your right just before the exit to the wastland that is called "archives" it is locked Very Hard(lockpick skill 100). Just before the two sentry bots came to your aid when some enclave slodiers come to kill u.

TEI90 provided additional details:

Hehe good point xNightCrestx


xNightCrestx answered:

I'm not entirely sure exactly what you're talking about, but I know that you can get into every corner of Raven Rock but once you leave the first two areas, you can't go back.
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xNightCrestx answered:

I never noticed that door, but if it says Very Hard lock, then I'm sure you could get in with a lockpick skill of 100
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