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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get an apartment in Tenpenny Tower?

How do i get an apartment in Tenpenny Towers? I completed the quest and Roy owns it now. Its been cleaned up and Ghouls live in it now.

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I have the place in Megaton but I thought when runnin xbox 360 Meg would not blow up. Is weird because when the massaCRE

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when the massacre was going on I go the message that it was to dangerous to enter my apartment at that time.

Accepted Answer

From: steve_313 5 years ago

You only get the room for blowing up megaton, its too late now but you can still get a room in megaton if you go disarm the bomb in the middle. its the same just a little less swanky.

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If you blow up Megaton, you get a room in Tenpenny Tower. If you kill Mr. Burkes without blowing up Megaton, you get your own very house in Megaton.

The suite you get in Tenpenny tower is much, much smaller than your house in Megaton.

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