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How do I get the slave outfit?

I know its in the slave pen but I cant get in there. If I talk to the guy outside he says "Hey you're that guy who shot up Paradise Falls!" and then all of the slavers become hostile. I've also tried sneeking in, just jumping in, I even changed my face in hopes that the slaver wouldn't recognize me all resulting in the slavers becoming hostile. Anybody know anything to do? Oh and I cant go back and not kill everyone in paradise falls because it was WAY back in the game.

The_ham_man provided additional details:

Can I still sneak into the Pitt after that or will everyone it it be all >:-(


jaydewolf answered:

You don't need the slaver scum waste them and take the outfit off the dead slave in the pen easy peeasy.
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ThatTwinTom answered:

You can kill the slaver steal his key and let the slaves out to get a slave outfit but by the sound of things everyone in the pitt might turn hostile so you might not need it anyway.

If you dont sneak in they just yell at you and knock you out and steal all your stuff, whereas if you sneak in the dont knock you out but still steal all your stuff (you get it back if you follow the quest though)
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