Question from funeral1975

Where is this M82 sniper rifle or laser sniper please help?

I cant find this damm gun where on the map is it or what ever someone can tell me ?

funeral1975 provided additional details:

I dont think nobody know about this gun .50 cal m82 sniper rifle this gun is big as your player kill in one shot its all over the place on the internet plaese someone helpppppppp me where is this sniper rifer tell me and i will send you money i will ? I need to know the spot this gun is .Or who has this gun ok.


Kai_Laguna answered:

Closest thing to a Laser Sniper Rifle is the Gauss Rifle you get after beating Operation: Anchorage DLC. The first Sniper Rifle you can find in game is near Megaton. Stand facing the entrance and go around following the wall to the left till you are about a 3rd of the way around (you should encounter 3-4 molerats). Now look for a pile of rocks with 3 dead saplings/sticks leaning against it (two pointing up, one leaning at an angle), if you walk up to the rock it should show as "hollowed out Rock" or something, inside will be a sniper rifle, some ammo, a stealth boy, and a note.
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itwizz answered:

Already asked and answered here:
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itwizz answered:

As you've have posted the same question twice please pick one to keep and close/delete the other!
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wackybobo answered:

Also if you go north west of springvale there is a segment of highway that you can get onto, there are quite a few raiders there however a few of them have sniper rifles (be careful not to fall off of the highway, it will kill you)
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

I'd guess you're talking about the new vids, the .50 cal and laser sniper rifles are in the New Vegas expansion or whatever it is that's coming out in the fall.
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Finalesaint answered:

It was a mod. Simple as that, there is no "one hit" kill weapon in the game minus the MIRV
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Manofd00m answered:

first there is no laser sniper and if u went to megaton go around it and u will find molerats then search in the rocks tell u find (press(A)/(X)search hollowed rock) u will find when u see 4 tall sapling around it
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