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Asked: 5 years ago

Let see if someone can me this one 0 for 2 where is the Scoped with silencer ?

Can someone tell me where this gun is Scoped AK with Silencer?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Hey what up people i have something else what about this cave armory where is this cave someone told me that is for a pc i have xbox 360.This cave has laser gun like the laser sniper rifle and some other crap? So help me with this ok please.

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There is no scoped ak, the closest thing is the infiltrator if u download the pitt dlc. it kinda suks though, cheap damage and extremely inaccurate because there is no stock.

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You get the Infiltrator if you can finish the Arena in the pitt, part of the main quest. You loot it off the final enemy you fight. The Perforator, also in the pitt, is obtained by giving all 100 steel ingots from the steelyard to the foreman.

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