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Fallout 3 what is the best armor or the most powerful one you can get or buy?

I have the t-51b aror is there a better one in the game what is the best on you can buy or find if so where would it be on the map please.


luckycharms8282 answered:

youcan get the winterized t-51b from the operation anchorage dlc, there is chinese stealth armor also, It's not "stronger" but it is very stealthy
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badboyrandy answered:

The winterized T-51b is by far the best if you don't want to worry about it. Good protection, and EXTREMELY slow deterioration (Super high damage resistance, but it does deteriorate.) I personally like the ranger armor ar the damage resistance is fair, it's lighter, and you can repair it with combat or talon armor. I always cary the chineese stealth armor and the penetrator silenced assault rifle as well for going in stealty [:o)
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Nomanisat answered:

There's also the Enclave Hellfire armour, which has the same DR as T-51b, but can be found in numbers and repaired by you as opposed to an NPC.
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Nomanisat answered:

The Chinese Stealth armour is also great. With 100 sneak, CSA, and the Silent Step perk, you will be able to sneak around and kill practically any enemy undetected.
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ristar1337 answered:

Theres the prototype medic armor in the old olney sewers.What it does is both talks and automatically gives you med x when u need it(dont worry,u wont suffer from addiction)
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SavenRain answered:

The armor in Old olney, the T-51b Medic Power Armor gives stupid damage reduction, only when in a fight.
In gives like +25 dmg reduction including the normal one.
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dude090111 answered:

The ranger armor was my favorite armor.
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