Question from Beau9488

All followers vanished?

Before the Vault 87 quest I had Jericho and Dogmeat as followers, and I heard a glitch you lose them if you advance the story, so I dismissed them both. When I was at the end of the game, I checked both of their home locations, and both were there.

Now, I just did fully all the DLC content for the game, and went back to reclaim my followers, neither were there. I tried reloading, checking back multiple times, nothing... Then for the hell of it I checked for Fawkes, the Robot, and the prostitute girl from Paradise Falls, they weren't their either. Note Cross and Charon were still in the same spots however. I even took the "Puppies" perk to try and spawn a new dog, no luck. Anyone else see this?

AirborneCore asked for clarification:

Did you tell your followers to leave or told them to stay put?

Beau9488 provided additional details:

I just told them to leave


elitesolid951 answered:

I think there something wrong with your game. You should contact the customer services. it's in the manual for technical support. It's worth a try.
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lol122129 answered:

Check Vault 101...or restart your game.
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