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Can your follower go with you to the Pitt, and Point Lookout, the first time you go there?

I have visited everywhere except for the Pitt and Point Lookout and the only place my follower hasn't been able to go is the Mothership when I get weapons from there. I want to know if the follower has to stay behind when you go to the Pitt or Point Lookout.

ArMaethor provided additional details:

I have Fawkes as my current follower. So, if Fawkes can't go with me where would I find him afterwards?


Nomanisat answered:

Yes they do, and you can't get them in Operation Achorage either.
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ThatTwinTom answered:

each follower goes back to a differnet place.

dogmeat = vault 101
Rl3 = canterbury commons

dunno where the rest re-spawn
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Galan_Faran answered:

Fawkes goes back to the Underworld as does Charon.
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