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Where can I find the T-51b armour?

I've looked all over the place but i can't find it.

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DaMaStar_99 answered:

Fort Constantine, in the north-northwest part of the map.

Beware! You do however need the three keys from Dave (from the Republic of Dave), Ted Strayer (in Rivet City) and Dukov (in Dukov's Place) and eventually a fourth key from Tara, whose body can be found in the CO Quarters in Fort Constantine.

This is all a part of the quest "You Gotta Shoot Them in the Head", which you can get from Mister Crowley in Underworld.
In order to get the armor, you can either give the three keys to Mr. Crowley, then wait a couple of days in order to kill him and get the armor. OR you can be brave and go after the armor yourself, which is located in Fort Constantine.
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Soap1234 answered:

Fort Constatine, go in the CO quarters.
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Falloutrules answered:

First u need to do the quest "You gotta shoot'em in the head" there u will get 3 keys. use theese to gain entrance to the basement in the little house beside fort constantine (located northwest corner of map).
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