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Why has Charon started attacking me after I'm stealing stuff?

I have no clue why he doesn't like me stealing stuff... and when I try to talk to him he says "Physical violence on your part invalidates our contract." and continues to shotgun me in the face.

naddestroyer provided additional details:

I've gone on a stealing rampage with Charon as my follower and he never did anything before. He is reacting this way in Underworld when I'm stealing from that female goule arms dealer. And he doesn't react right away he lets me take a few things and no reaction, anymore than a few then he starts shooting me.

naddestroyer provided additional details:

Well I solved the problem by making Charon wait elsewhere out of sight and then I could steal stuff. But I would still like to know why Charon glitched so hard.

naddestroyer provided additional details:

Well its been two years since I put down this game and I'm about to replay it again, if anyone could answer this question I would be grateful.


x_lowlife_x answered:

Whether its a glitch or not I'm not sure, Charon will attack you if he see's you stealing/looting.
On the other hand he wont stop you from killing the other residents of the Underworld. Weird.
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Deconstruct0 answered:

That happened to me!
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