Can you kill the Mechanist after you have killed the Antagonizer ?

Is it possible to kill the Mechanist after you have killed the Antagonizer if so please let me know.


naddestroyer answered:

Yes, although when or what situation your in can affect what type of karma you recieve. For example I chose to side with the mechanist and fought with him to defeat the antagonizer. Recieved the reward from him, and I told him I wouldn't get antagonizer's uniform from me unless he killed me. He started attacking me and I killed him for good karma. That was amusing to me lol.
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gamerdj1210 answered:

Yes you can still kill the mechanist. However, i dont recommend it. What i did was i killed the antagonizer and then took her uniform then went to the mechanist and convinced him to stop. This way you dont have to kill the wannabe goodguy.
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