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How do I get to the vault tec head quarters? deathclaws got hops!

How can i get to the vt headquarters? which metro is best? And i was outside of the regulators hq and there were 2 deathclaws outside who had killed the brahmin. when they saw me one of them just flew into the air. i killed the other one. but when i entered the reg. hq the flying deathclaw was inside killing all the regulators. WTF!!! anyone else experienced this ridiculous moment?


Kai_Laguna answered:

Um, if I remember correctly it's in the same DC area as the statesmen hotel and the hospital.
I believe you have to go through a broken building (or maybe it was just an alley, I forget) at the opposite end of the street as the hotel.
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Kai_Laguna answered:

Oh and the deathclaw thing a known glitch.
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Nomanisat answered:

The VT HQ is close to the statesmen hotel, you have to go around some broken buildings but it's there.
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