Question from mindtraptpsycho

How do I get past the obsevation deck on Mothership Zeta?

I am currently on the Mothership Zeta DLC and have completed all missions up to where you enter the observation deck. I cannot continue to finish the last mission due to a locked door. All Faqs i have read point to a hologram that displays the death ray but the hologram will not trigger therefore my game will not continue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

mindtraptpsycho provided additional details:

I believe i have done that and eveyone is standing in the observation deck ive tried talkin to everyone to no avail.


Kai_Laguna answered:

Look for and activate the telepad in the room right after the airlock. Then just proceed forward and let the little girl do her thing, she''l open your way up to the weapons lab.
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jairrid answered:

I got to that part, but the hologram DID appear for me. Nothing after that.
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stvsy answered:

I had the same problem as you.
I went back to load the spacewalk again. This time I did not kill the alien worker.
The Alien Hologram appeared in the Observation Deck and then then the girl opened the door to the Weapons Lab.
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