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Is Aqua Pura dangerous?

I just finished Broken Steel and was able to get a ton of Aqua Pura. My karma was low and I wanted to raise it. So I went to Rivet City and gave some Aqua Pura to the beggar there (Carlos I think). A few days later I went back to Rivet City and found Carlos dead. Was is the Aqua Pura?

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No I did not give him Aqua Cura or Holy Water

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No Aqua Pura is pure water and the only thing you can give them is pure water he could have by killed by enclave that spawn nearby.

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I drink the aqua pura all the time and i never have negative effects. Maybe carlos was killed by enclave or regulators or hitman or talon company or super mutants that always spawn by rivet city. Or maybe suicide!!

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Yes it is dangerous to the beggers. I dont know exactly why they died from aqua pura but i experimented with the two beggers at the same time(with help from fast travel) to see i was correct. It may be some of the chemicals that the Brotherhood put in the new water and it may of killed them. But DONT give Pura to beggers!...r.i.p mikey and carlos lol

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Yes it is the Aqua Pura. It was created with the intention to get life back to how it was. So the water purification created this with the Modified FEV to kill anything that was born in radiation and not in a vault. This way they plan that eventually all water will become this and it will only be healthy humans again. The others are wrong. Check here for yourself.

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If you put in FEV at the end of the normal game it is harmful, otherwise it is not harmful.

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