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What is the best way to kill the shielded aliens in Mothership Zeta?

I've been having problems with these guys and wasn't sure if there was a certain weapon type or place on their body that was best to hit them.

minimang123 asked for clarification:

have you tried using a Stealth Boy or the Chinese Stealth Armor, and using the Samurai sword or a powerful silenced weapon / any melee weapon to pick them off one by one? Sneak Attack Criticals help, but it also depends what level you are. At level 30 or other high levels, the Aliens are practically invincible.

Just turn the difficulty down and keep shooting at them is the only advice I can give you, sorry.

Accepted Answer

MikeyMortician answered:

Well i found the best way to kill them was to use the biggest gun i had at the time or the most powerful weapon you have mine was the prototype drone cannon .. It seems to knock them around a fair bit .. The best way is to fight stealth and shield with massive agression .. Make sure before you leave mother ship zeta get the samuari amor .. You dont affect your karma by doing so .
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death_death answered:

The easiest way I have found to kill those guys off was to go into VATS and get headshots. It easier if you have the grim reaper perk though.
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