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How do I get the Tenpenny Suite?

I helped Roy and the Ghouls get into the tower, and it was pretty rewarding to see Tenpenny himself ripped apart by Feral Gouls, but I was wondering if it is possible to get the suite now.

I came back about 3-4 (in-game) days after the raid, but Roy doesn't have any dialogue options about the room. Tennpenys' body has disappeared too, although I did take everything he had on him. I found a key on one of the short columns, but it was for Tenpennys' room

In short, did I screw myself out of the room, or is it only possible to have one house or the other?

Goopy_Hobbleton provided additional details:

Well, Burke is dead and I didn't blow up Megaton either (I'm playing through with good karma the first time around).

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chub6025 answered:

The only way to get the suite is to blow up megaton.
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alexjoeyking81 answered:

The best way of getting this suite is to blow up megaton for Mr Burke and Allistair Tenpenny and this will gain you the key to the Suite (which you can also decorate), I have heard the other way is to pickpocket Tenpenny or Mr Burke for the key but I havent tried this myself so it may not be true.
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chub6025 answered:

The only way to get the suite is to blow up megaton.
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