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How do I kill Greta without anyone noticing?

I'm trying to get Charon to join my party; and the guy tells me I have to kill Greta in "Carol's Place". And without anybody noticing. How do I accomplish this? My sneak skill is at 85 (I think) and I don't have any Stealthboys left...

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BustaRuff answered:

The easiest way I found was to wait outside the underworld (right outside the big skull entrance, not the entire building) until she comes outside and stands to the left of the doors. I pulled out the combat shotgun and plugged her with one shot to that ugly face of hers using VATS. No one pursued me, but I left the area and waited 3 days to make sure nobody cared that I killed her.
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RunNGunTaxiCo answered:

Simple, stealthboy and silenced 10mm pistol.
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CimaronD answered:

You can try the 'Psychotic Prankster' trick of planting a landmine on her. Sometimes, this results in a death without anyone tracing it to you. You'll have to have a bit of luck to get this to work...make sure you save first.
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