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Best way to make the most money fast?

Hows the best way to make money? is there a cheat? I'd rather not cheat, so if anyone fou nd a way to make masses of money quick let me know.

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Goopy_Hobbleton answered:

What I do is travel light, so when you come across Super Mutants with Hunting Rifles and Assault Rifles, you pick them up and sell them to any of the vendors with a high amount of caps.

Or if you're not the fighting type, you could go around scrounging for things with high value to weight ratio. (ex: Carton of Cigarettes - 50 caps:2 wgt) Just pick up everything that doesn't have weight too, they're usually not worth much, but they don't add to your encumbrance.
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D3_war answered:

-Find sydney father holotapes in statesman hotel
-Search sydney in underworld
-Tell her about holotapes
-You get her 10mm smg
-Tell her about the guns
-Tell her about holotapes
Her gun worth 438 caps
Quick money and easy
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SmellsLikeFun answered:

If you have a house in Megaton, you can tell your robot to get you a drink. He will give you a purified water, which isnt worth much but can be gottten from him once every day. The Lawbringer perk also brings in a lot of caps. If you have a follower, you can have them carry around things in thier inventory so that you will have more to sell when you get the chance. I also like to rob caravans ; )
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lxaelral answered:

You all missed one very important thing: repair.

I say this for two reasons:
#1. Repaired items sell for more and weigh less than their separated parts (weight/cost ratio explained in an earlier answer). Why carry around 3 hunting rifles and sell them for 20 caps apiece when you can carry around 1 hunting rifle and sell it for 50? I think the weight is 5 lbs for a hunting rifle. Suddenly you're out more in the thick of the wasteland, and you end up having more valuable goods when you come back to trade.
#2. If you have traders repair your equipment, you will end up spending most of your caps on repairs instead of weapons.
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