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Megaton's Armory?

is there anyway into megatons armory without killing Lucas Simms and pissing off the entire town

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Thanks i was curious about it did get in when Mr. Burke killed Simms when I snitched on him but get attacked by the pissed off robot ran out and got owned by the whole town lol needless to say i restarted from a earlier save and been trying to figure an easier way in

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DaMaStar_99 answered:

You simply pickpocket Simms (save before you try tough!). When you've got the key, walk up to the armory and make sure that Simms doesn't see you entering. If you want to be sure that nobody hears you, just whip out a baseball bat like I did and beat the **** out of it. Then loot the place for some nice Chinese Assault Rifles (all this I did at lvl 2... so it's reeeaaally easy). And you get some good starting weapons.
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DBBig_Sid answered:

I doubt there's a way, but with persistance and really good sneaking i bet it could be done. Although the stuff inside is hardly worth the effort at all. just a handful of ammo, almost broken armor/weapons and one really pissed off robot.

Catch 22: If ur planning on going into the armory that means u need the ammo cuz ur a low level but if u go in there when ur a low level ur gonna get killed by the robot.
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TheTick0247 answered:

I used a stealth boy and snuck around the robot and got everything in there, but like what was said already, it's not really worth it.
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ManiacFish77 answered:

all you really have to do is have 100 lockpick skil and then a follower, like Fawkes, to kill the deputy robot in the armory. But it really isn't worth it because if you have Fawkes then you'd have to have an already good armory of your own.
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dbhp18 answered:

I pick pocketed Lucas Simms for the key. I went in and threw some nades at the robot, shot it up, and took some stimpacks to stay alive. I did it when I was around level 6 I think, so it's really not that difficult. Also when I walked out of the armory with all the goods none of the people cared.
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Napolean1393 answered:

Get your sneak level to 100. Pick-pocket Lucas Simms and then head to the armory. Make sure nobody is watching you while you're opening up the armory. (Crouch down to see if you're hidden or detected.) When you see the robot in there and it starts attacking you, run in and shut the door. I recommend killing it with a combat shotgun. When done killing, search it and enjoy the loot. I did it when I was lvl 3. (following blow up megaton.) If you decide to blow up megaton, just kill everyone in it first then blow it up you get way more money!
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McClain87 answered:

I did it easy. Then town didnt get pissed either. I lockpicked o do and killed the robot before he could get out the door. You get Bad Karma for it but if you use the weapons inside then its werth it.
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Carnifex91 answered:

Also, instead of killing to robot, you can run over to the terminal, hack it and shut down the robots. (I can't remember what level is needed to hack it though, sorry.)

Other than that, pickpocket Simms, and make sure nobody sees you go in.
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Bauer123 answered:

This may sound stupid but have you tried attacking the robot.
I walked in got scared nd ran out but the second time i decided to attack and the robots pretty weak.
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G4RR3N answered:

if your a higher level find a pulse grenade or mine throw at the robot and get the loot im not sure but the higher the level the better loot like in Oblivion
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fallout3nut answered:

No not really because i did it at 2pm in the game and i still got in troble and i picked the lock =-(]
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oXRageXo answered:

Get a Power Fist, go into the armory,if you're lucky get behind the Steel Deputy then keep on hitting him.
*S P O I L E R*

There is about 2 Chinese Assult Rifles near the door,4,3,or 5 10mm pistols,1 or 2 teminals
1,2,or 3 safes.

You can pick the lock-hard way-.Steals the Sheirf's key while using a stealth boy-easy way-.
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Theunforgiven15 answered:

I got the key after burke killed the sheirf and got a stelth-boy and snuck past the robot hacked the terminal and deactived him, its easy to do i was at level 2 wen i did it
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alkanshel answered:

Uh, sneak and lockpick the door, then kill - yes, kill - the robot.

Nobody even blinked as I cleaned out their entire bloody armory.
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jet5698 answered:

Lockpick the door and kill the robot.
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