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Asked: 5 years ago

Cant find 4th journal entry?

im on the waters of life quest and need the 4th journal entry. Where is it?

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If u want information on where dad is i can help but if u dont well then i dont know. If u know where dad is u wont have to get the 4th journal entry.

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Dad is in vault 112 which is underneath smith caseys garage.

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If you go to "", some of the numbered tapes don't exist (or dad took'em). otherwise the important one is in the rotunda on a terminal before you go in the circle in the middle of the room.

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SOme entries.. DO NOT exist. It may be one of them.. I don't remember. But if you want to find James. Look for the tenth..

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This may help or not. Anyway go to Rivet City - Then go to the stairwell/ middeldeck and find Doctor li`s room (lockpick 50) and look on her desk. ther should be 3 audio logs ther

there are 2 doors to Rivet city science lab, outside one of these doors should Li`s room be.

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