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Why can't I install broken steel?

I bought the "game of the year" edition wich has all the expansions in it, my problem is that I did install all expansions, but when I try to install "broken steel" a message appears saying " couldn't install one or more items".

I have a lot of memory left, I erased all my games on fallout 3 (along with the expansions) and tried to run it again. I also upgraded my game and the xbox.

Help? Thanks

rdchopper provided additional details:

Bad stuff. Im not from the united states and I bought the game when I visited there last time. Thanks anyway :)


MurderousMoppit answered:

I also bought this game and i dont have live or anything... i had no problem installing it... i would take it back and exchange it...
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WMDaugherty answered:

The disk has a defect in the software i work at Game Stop and have had a few people come in with the same problem and you just need another copy. take it back and swap it out
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