Question from Ryan15000

Graphics on game keep flashing...why?

I just started the expansion broken steel, and starting the water stuff quests from Jefferson Mermorial, on the way to Rivet City, I noticed my game flashing the textures on surfaces (from low texture to high texture, and repeats alot, makes the character I talk to around the area out of sync when talking to them), even on my pip-boy, I checked the disk to make sure no scratches were on it but nothing, any solutions to that or is there nothing I can do?


AlmostUber1114 answered:

Its Probably just your game. In my game when im near the Lincloln memorial just along the dirt path leading up to it the graphics break and a brown triangle appears and moves in different directions when i move. My game is perfect and doesnt have a scratch or a finger print on it at all. so what im guessing is its just the game itself. if the actual gameplay is affected then i wouldnt worry about it. maybe you should use one of your friends discs to see if it changes if they have the game also.
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Blue_Dragoon77 answered:

I've also had the weird triangle glitch. Where it spins and shifts its shape whenever I look in a certain direction, although mine also changes color, too. A fix that always works for me is to look away from the glitch so I don't see it anymore, walk away a bit, save game, then shut off my 360 and restart it again.
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